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The Center for Art, Research and Alliances (CARA) is an emergent arts nonprofit, research center, and publisher that aims to expand public discourses and historical records to reflect art’s abundant pasts, presents, and futures. CARA was born over a five-year research period and developed in conversation with cultural workers aspiring to create just futures through the arts. CARA’s formal launch builds upon a two-year publishing program with a schedule of new initiatives including research fellowships, exhibitions, and public programs that seek to challenge dominant narratives and reflect the abundance of arts and culture.

We envision CARA as a space for un-learning, kinship, and care, and value the practice of being an organization-in-formation in perpetuity. We will continuously review our activities in dialogue with practitioners and each other and assess and re-draw our future as our work together continues.

CARA joins a block known for its activist history, with neighbors including the LGBTQ Community Center, Integral Yoga Institute and the Church of the Village, which held the first PFLAG meeting in 1973. CARA’s building, constructed in 1899, has been redesigned with flexible spaces for public programming, research, and exhibitions by the UK-based studio 6a architects. As part of CARA’spublic program, the building will have a curated bookstore and a public program space on the ground floor designed by the Mexican-German collaborators Studio Manuel Raeder and Rodolfo Samperio. CARA is developing its visual identity with post-critical design studio The Rodina.

We will open our space to the public with regular hours in October 2022. Until then, please reach out to us by email: info@cara-nyc.org.

CARA is located at 225 West 13th Street in New York’s West Village, which CARA recognizes as built upon Lenapehoking, the unceded lands of the Lenni-Lenape and home for many Indigenous peoples past, present, and future.