Center for Art,
Research and Alliances


Center for Art, Research and Alliances (CARA) is an emergent arts nonprofit, research center and publisher. CARA aims to expand public discourses and historical records to reflect art’s abundant pasts, presents, and futures through initiatives including publications, public programs, fellowships, and exhibitions.

CARA will be a space for un-learning, kinship, and care: CARA wants to attend closely to artistic, emotional, and embodied processes and the people who enact them and consider this work a vital part of cultural production, of historical research, and institutional building. CARA recognizes that care for partners must never come at the expense of care for our own team.

CARA will talk, dance, take walks and rest but above all we will listen.

CARA was developed over a five-year research period in dialogue with artists, curators, writers, publishers, researchers and other cultural workers who share a vision for a just future in and through the arts. During this period, CARA was known as New York Consolidated. CARA published its earliest books under that imprint and these titles can be found here.


Titles currently in production for publication in 2022 are:
PF11: Michael in Black by Nicole Miller, Edited by Nicole Miller and Lauren Mackler, co-published with Public Fiction, designed by Lauren Mackler.

Marilyn Nance: Last Day in Lagos, Edited by Oluremi C. Onabanjo, co-published with Fourthwall Books, Designed by Carla Saunders.

Dianna Molzan: The Tahoma Mall, Designed by Conny Purtill/Purtill Family Business.

Michael Richards: Are You Down? Edited by Alex Fialho and Melissa Levin, co-published with MoCA North Miami, Designed by Pacific.

Where is Africa? Edited by Anita N. Bateman and Emanuel Admassu, Designed by Nontsikelelo Mutiti.

For the opening of our space, which will unfold over four weekends from June to September 2022, CARA will host “Conjurings,” a series of public programs led by its curatorial team in collaboration with artist and music producer Lamin Fofana, curator Erika Sprey, and artist Sky Hopinka.

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